Scalability & Performance Consulting

Achieving scalability and performance can be likened to war. Even when they are both understood, the strategy to attain them is often elusive, the execution is fraught with challenges and great achievements are regularly lost to an ever-changing landscape. In the battle for scalability and performance, you must have an experienced general driving both strategy and tactics; this is where OmniTI excels.

Before we touch a line of code, our proven approach identifies where the bottlenecks exist, and what improvements our work can deliver. We make performance a science, leading to work we’re particularly proud of, like making Friendster over twice as fast for their tens of millions of users.

Scalability requires a depth of understanding of all web technologies that few possess. Our “no boundaries” approach will help improve the experience for all your users, even as you grow from 10 thousand to 10 million. After all, users have a simple approach to the speed of your applications: They’re either fast or slow. We make them fast.

If you use PHP, you might like to know that we created APC, the PHP cache used by sites like Yahoo, Facebook, and Digg. (Oh, we created APD, too.)

What Others Say

OmniTI professionals were instrumental in eliminating major performance problems and turning Friendster performance around. During the time OmniTI worked with Friendster, our response time went from about 9 seconds on Alexa to about 3.5 seconds.

~ Chander Sarna, VP of Engineering and Operations, Friendster.

Every week I get asked for the name of a company that can provide consulting services around web performance optimization. For the last year or two I've been giving the same answer: OmniTI. I've gotten to know the Founder, Theo Schlossnagle, at several conferences and technical summits, and I've attended presentations that he's given on performance. Not only does he and the OmniTI team know the ins and outs of taking a web site from slow to fast, they do full stack development so can help out in design and backend architecture, too.

~ Steve Souders, Focuses on web performance at Google, previously Chief Performance Yahoo! at Yahoo!

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