Scalability & Performance Process

1. Understand the business

The most important part of any analysis and planning operation is understanding where you are starting from and precisely what you want to achieve.
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2. Define objectives

Once the challenges and goals have been defined at a high level, we must delve deeper to define our objectives in a way that makes sense on both the business and engineering level. By formalizing objectives in both business and engineering terms it allows us to translate them into existing challenges and define concrete plans to address them.
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3. Perform analysis

Continuously collecting and reviewing metrics about all the different components of the architecture is of paramount importance to determining possible issues. Success is only speculative until we can differentiate aberrations from baseline operation and empirically evaluate the impact of a deployed fix or the cost of a new feature.
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4. Achieve goals

Providing a solution to a problem is not as simple as fixing bugs, hacking code, or deploying new servers. In order to a achieve our goals, we make sure that we know where we are going and know when we've arrived. This ensures that the solution delivered actually addresses the problem at hand or succinctly defines a new one.
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We came to OmniTI seeking an outsourced technology solution and have instead found a collaborative partner. There are a multitude of IT providers available — what sets OmniTI apart is their intuitive understanding of our business requirements. Putting the mission critical aspects of a high volume (35 million members, over 1 Billion data sets, 25 million daily emails, 1 Billion annual transactions) database marketing system like FreeLotto in the hands of outsiders raises a multitude of daunting concerns. These guys identify issues before they surface AND develop creative, economical solutions that work — on time and on budget. We expect this ideal partnership will continue to grow as we expand our product offerings.

~ Kevin J. Aronin, Chairman and CEO, PlasmaNet, Inc. — home of FreeLotto.

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