DevOps Consulting and Implementation

Friction in your innovation process can kill your ability to compete. OmniTI can help you remove obstacles while keeping velocity up.

DevOps Health Check

To stay competitive your organization has to deliver the features that your users want faster than your competition. But software development, delivery, and live operations are complex processes with many handoffs and bottlenecks. We can discover the critical constraints within your organization, identify those that provide the best opportunities to deliver business value, and work with your team to develop new workflows, automation, and practices to radically accelerate the delivery of value to your customers. Your takeaway is a detailed understanding of how value is currently created within your organization, a roadmap to introducing sustainable continuous improvement, and a menu of actionable recommendations to reduce waste, eliminate friction between teams, and increase agility, while leveraging the skills you have in-house.

DevOps Coaching

You know what outcomes you’d like to see, and have identified the high level changes you’ll need to get there. But the DevOps space is full of volatile tools and unfamiliar terminology - you need someone to guide your people through the forest. You don’t have time for costly mistakes in tool selection or execution. We have the broad, in-depth knowledge of best practices around the entire software development and delivery process to ensure that your adoption process will be successful. At every step of the way we work with your staff using on-site and remote collaboration. This ensures successful implementation, while critically accelerating knowledge transfer to your staff so that the benefits of the initiative are sustained.

DevOps Implementation

Your needs are focused around a particular tool or process. You might be implementing Continuous Integration with Jenkins, automating server configuration using Chef or Puppet, or executing a Cloud migration. You want to keep your resources focused on feature delivery, so you’re looking for a partner with the skills and experience to implement and maintain the new tooling - delivering best practices quickly.

Selected Tools and Technologies We Support

Chef Go Continuous Delivery VictorOps Incident Management Ubuntu Linux RedHat Enterprise Linux Vagrant IaaS for Developers OmniOS Slack Instant Messenger Amazon Web Services Jenkins Automation Server GitLab hosted version control Sensu Monitoring System

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