Information to help you get the most from your technology.

For more than 20 years, OmniTI has been helping companies build and operate highly scaled web infrastructures. Whenever we can, we try to give back where we can, and help educate our co-workers, clients, and those in the technology communities we’ve been involved with, to the things we’ve learned along the way. We hope that the information we provide here will help you as well.

OmniTI employees publish tips, tricks, and insights in our corporate blog, Seeds.

OmniTI employees are often asked to speak at conferences around the globe. These presentations are often made available through conference websites, but we also collect many of them here to and make them available for review.

OmniTI employees have also particpated in a number of books written about building scalable systems, and some of the Open Source technologies common in the industry today.

We also offer a number of white papers to provide insight on various aspects of web technology and running your business on the interent.

Our case studies discuss different ways that we’ve helped OmniTI’s customers. From database migrations, web application development, and full stack web operations management, find out how we’ve helped numerous companies on the web succeed.

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