Architecture and Infrastructure Support

Hardware will fail; we design for that inevitability. We build systems that will keep serving your users no matter what.

In today’s ever-changing climate, your business needs to keep innovating in order to grow and scale with business demand. With decades of experience in building and operating high-trafficked, business critical infrastructures, you can feel confident knowing that OmniTI has the expertise with a range of tools and platforms and can meet the strictest business-driven SLAs.

Support and Monitoring

Every six hours, the architectures we manage handle over a billion page requests. We manage over two hundred terabytes of data on hundreds of servers distributed around the world. And we monitor every aspect of every system to make sure they continue to be supporting business objectives. Because the goal of monitoring is to make sure users are not experiencing problems, we don’t just make sure the servers are working, we also continually check the application and business KPIs. Our team implements monitoring strategy to make sure your business is up and running.

Cloud Adoption and Architecture

As companies become increasingly aware of the multiple benefits cloud computing can have in terms of efficiency and profitability, OmniTI leverages its experience with diversity of hosting platforms to help organizations to navigate through abundance of available options. Whether it’s private, public or hybrid approach, our team will work with you to fully leverage the cloud for business operations in most efficient and cost-effective fashion. We will help you to come up with the most optimal cost and performance model for your business and devise and execute on a plan to accelerate cloud adoption with minimal impact to business continuity.

DevOps Implementation

You might be implementing Continuous Integration with Jenkins, automating server configuration using Chef or Puppet, or executing a Cloud migration. You want to keep your resources focused on feature delivery, so you’re looking for a partner with the skills and experience to implement and maintain the new tooling - delivering best practices quickly. Our teams bring the full depth and breadth of decades of their professional expertise with many industry leading platforms and tools to accelerate your delivery.

Security and Compliance

Security is not a feature. We have years of industry experience making and, most importantly, continually keeping, systems secure. Whether you’re an e-commerce merchant working towards your PCI-DSS compliance, industry disruptive startup in healthcare space requiring HIPPA compliance or a non-profit working with school systems in need of strict PII compliance, we can help ensure that you’re continuously compliant and secure. Whatever your requirements are, OmniTI experts can help you improve your security practices and streamline your compliance process.

What Others Say

OmniTI has been fundamental to our success. Their depth of experience and unwavering commitment to quality, combined with a refreshing blend of innovative thinking and stellar support, have repeatedly provided us with rock-solid and scalable solutions, contributing substantially to the growth of our business.

~ Dave E. Smith, National Geographic, NGM New Media.

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