Our business is about people: our staff, our clients, and their audience. Our work is creating extraordinary experiences for all of them.

Our Vision

Before there was DevOps, there was Dev and Ops, working together, applying solid engineering practices to todays fast moving technology, with the goal of empowering organizations to create more value. Most companies are not technology companies, but every company can benefit by leveraging technology, and we want to provide forward thinking companies with access to a world class engineering organization. By leveraging our decades of large scale, high performance web operations knowledge, any organization can benefit from a customized technology solution focused on enhancing your capabilities, improving your time to market, and ultimately better servicing your clients and customers.

Leadership Team

Robert Treat

Robert Treat

Theo Schlossnagle

Theo Schlossnagle

Our Story

OmniTI was born on 4th September, 1997. For more than two decades, and with no outside financing, we have built a reputation based on fair practices and postive impact on the technology industry, including contributions to core open source technologies including PHP, Apache, PostgreSQL, Apache Traffic Server, Perl, Illumos, and OmniOS, not to mention countless other utilities and packages.

Along the way we have had the opportunity to employee some of the worlds best engineering talent, many whom have become leading figures in web development and Internet architecture. We also hosted our own highly revered conference series, Surge, and spun out two successful companies, Sparkpost, the worlds leading provider of messaging solutions, and Circonus, a comprehensive monitoring and analytics solution.

We provide a full service, from sustainable architectures that can support hundreds of millions of users, to web application development — winning multiple Webby awards — and user interface design. All of us are dedicated to creating exceptional experiences for our clients and their audience.

We are privileged to be working with some of the most popular and innovative web sites in the world from offices in Fulton, Maryland, and New York City. We’d like to work with you, too! Please get in touch to discover how.

Upcoming Conferences

DevOpsDays Raleigh

10 Sep '18 - 11 Sep '18, Raleigh, North Carolina

9 Biases In Tech

Postgresconf Silicon Valley

15 Oct '18 - 16 Oct '18, San Jose, California

I Didn't Know Postgres Could Do That!

All Things Open

21 Oct '18 - 23 Oct '18, Raliegh, North Carolina

"PostgreSQL Community Booth"

Large Installation Systems Administration 2018

29 Oct '18 - 31 Oct '18, Nashville, TN

Managing Chaos in Production - Testing vs Monitoring

Featured Talks

Production Testing Through Monitoring

A look a the trade-offs between testing and monitoring when managing large scale production web systems, by Robert Treat.

Scalable Internet Architectures

Scaling strategies and truths for web applications from the trenches, by Theo Schlossnagle.

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