Architecture and Infrastructure Support

Hardware will fail; we design for that inevitability. We build systems that will keep serving your users no matter what.

Every six hours, the architectures we manage handle over a billion page requests. We manage over two hundred terabytes of data on hundreds of servers distributed around the world. We build custom tools that monitor your systems all day, every day. Because the goal of monitoring is to make sure users are not experiencing problems, we don’t just make sure the servers are working, we also continually check the applications. We think our hosting is amongst the very best, and we’re happy that clients like National Geographic have placed their trust in us.

What Others Say

OmniTI has been fundamental to our success. Their depth of experience and unwavering commitment to quality, combined with a refreshing blend of innovative thinking and stellar support, have repeatedly provided us with rock-solid and scalable solutions, contributing substantially to the growth of our business.

~ Dave E. Smith, National Geographic, NGM New Media.

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