Site Reliability Engineer

OmniTI is looking for Site Reliability Engineer to join our team!

At OmniTI, we provide outsourced internet based application and infrastructure services. As part of our SRE team, you'll work across two primary capacities; as that of an DevOps consultant, writing infrastructure automation, helping to migrate to highly available solutions, and crafting cloud based microservice architectures for our clients. You’ll work directly with clients to ensure their goals are met through automation, analysis, and infrastructure configuration.

Alternatively you'll work as part of our SRE-as-a-Service team, acting as our client's “outsourced, in-house SRE team”. You’ll manage highly scaled infrastructure for a global user base, as well as smaller, mission critical systems for more regional affairs. If the client elects to subscribe to our oncall services, we provide 24/7/365 pager rotation for infrastructure outages (only on infrastructure that we manage).

You’ll work with a wide variety of technologies supporting multiple application stacks across a mix of infrastructure options, working to obtain a thorough understanding of all components of a modern web application stack, including front-end, networking, and systems level knowledge. You'll engineer management, orchestration, monitoring, and alerting for fleets of instances.

No matter the client, we take a DevOps-centric approach - we believe that we provide better service and our clients get the best value when working closely together. If you’ve ever wanted to work at a scale that few companies do, you’ll find the right challenge here at OmniTI!

About The Job

  • Perform DevOps-focused consulting work for diverse clients
  • Create and maintain system architecture, design, and automation
  • Work with other SRE/SAs, mentor junior staff
  • Engage with folks across the org chart, including DBA, Developer, and non-technical staff, where needed
  • Release and maintain open-source software and projects
  • Author blog posts and participate in the community by going to meetups, conferences, etc. as a OmniTI representative
  • Manage availability and performance problems for clients; automate resolution to prevent re-occurrence
  • Participation in 24/7 oncall rotation as necessary

Requirements & Education

    Minimum Qualifications
  • Proficient in a scripting language
  • Significant experience with config management tool like Chef, Puppet, or Ansible
  • Experience with network tools and load balancers
  • Built/Maintained at least 2 production-level infrastructures on Unix / Linux environment
  • Strong project management and client service skills
  • Must be able to participate in 24/7 oncall rotation as necessary
    Preferred Qualifications
  • Experience with AWS and/or GCP
  • Strong familiarity with containers and container-orchestration frameworks particularly Kubernetes
  • Experience with illumos inspired tooling (zones, dtrace, zfs, crossbow)
  • Demonstrated public accomplishments via open source, speaking, blogging, etc.

If you contribute to an open source project, have a blog, or are involved in technology in some other way, we would love to hear about it when you write to us!

Interested? Apply here.

At OmniTI we believe in diversity as a core asset. From the tools we use to the technologies we choose to the people we work with, diversity in approach has always led us to better successes. We take pride in the diversity of our staff and seek diversity in our applicants.

Staff Thoughts

This is a great place to be exposed to a wide variety of technologies and to be mentored by some of the brightest minds in the business. Knowledge is shared openly, and the amount is limited only by your ability to absorb it.

~ Eric Sproul, Systems Administrator.

Where else can you work with people from whose books you learned to program.

~ Leon Fayer, Vice President.