Omni OS

OmniOS is an Open Source distribution designed to provide a reliable and scalable Unix based operating system for systems practitioners, folks involved in web operations, developers of data-intensive, real time applications, and those working on highly scaled infrastructure.

OmniOS is a continuation of the Open Solaris legacy, building on the advanced technology in Illumos to make a complete OS. With OmniOS, users can take advantage of a number of advanced technologies such as advanced filesystem support (ZFS), leading edge systems tracing (dtrace), fully fledged containers (Zones), and software defined networking (Crossbow). This technology is combined with a minimal package set, delivering a self-hosting enviroment with simplified processes for ongoing maintanance.

Services and Support

Need custom OmniOS or Illumos development? Looking for architecture and infrastrcuture support? OmniTI offers a number of different consulting, development, and operations services to fit your needs. Drop us an email at, or give us a call at 240.646.0777 to find out more.

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