Reha Sterbin ~ Web Engineer

Reha joined OmniTI in March 2010. She previously worked on a turnkey ecommerce solution aimed at fashion designers, stocking and product applications for a printing company, and a group of managed merch stores for indie bands.

She attended the University of Pennsylvania, where she studied biochemistry and English before discovering computer science.

Personal Note

I'm a second-generation programmer: my mother, a senior programmer for International Paper, has been in the business since they did away with punchcards. The first family computer was an IBM 386, on which I learned BASIC and wrote an adaption of Hamlet, which has fortunately been lost.

When I'm not programming, I enjoy things I'm not very good at, including digital art, Egyptian dance, and yoga. I play tabletop games but not video games, ever since I spent two weeks in college playing Unreal Tournament instead of going to class.  I like fourth edition D&D better than third, second edition Mage better than third, and Shadowrun better than either.



Seeds of Wisdom

  1. Bending Forms to Your Will

Open Source Contributions

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