Ciprian Tutu ~ Vice President of Strategic Services

Ciprian joined OmniTI in July 2005 as a project manager and analyst for the company’s largest client, ensuring quality of service, verifying that business requirements are continuously met, and troubleshooting large-scale system architectures.

Today, he is applying the same diligence to several of OmniTI’s increasing number of customers, overseeing a varied set of architectures and business demands. He also manages the development of Postal Engine 2, the company's content management solution that complements Message Systems’s industry leading MTA software.

Ciprian earned his PhD in Computer Science from Johns Hopkins University. His doctoral thesis in the area of wide-area network, large scale distributed systems focused on distributed algorithms for maintaining consistent replicated state and included a prototype for PostgreSQL wide-area asynchronous multi-master replication.

Personal Note

There are many things I love doing, and it is always a challenge trying to find enough time for all of them. I take any chance I get to travel around the world and I love mountain hiking. Photography is my biggest hobby, but I also try to find time for literature, theater and movie-going, concerts (from rock to classical), and playing bridge or poker.