Where to find us this fall? Raleigh, San Jose, & Nashville.

The fall conference season is upon us, and as usual, OmniTI will be on the road discussing all aspects of the WebOps experience.

9 Biases In Tech

DevOpsDays Raleigh: Sep 11, Raleigh, North Carolina

Every day we make decisions. Those decisions can be around improving your product, process, company; sometimes even bettering yourself. But many of our decisions are not made consciously. We all have biases. And even though most of our biases are unconscious, those biases still can get in a way of making the best possible decision. This is not a talk about gender and racial bias in tech hiring (although these topics will also be touched on). This is a talk about different biases that skew the technical decision process that you deal with in your day-to-day operations.

I Didn't Know Postgres Could Do That!

Postgresconf Silicon Valley: Oct 15, San Jose, California

PostgreSQL is often thought of as "The Database for DBAs", but what more and more developers are finding out is that what makes Postgres "The Worlds Most Advanced Open Source Database" is its wide array of features, many of which are really geared towards users who want to build applications on top of Postgres. In this talk, we'll look at some of the features in Postgres you may not have seen in other database systems, and talk about how you can make use of those features in your applications. Queries, indexing, data types, and more will all be up for discussion as we show you examples of just what Postgres can do.

"Postgres Community Booth"

DevOpsDays Philadelphia: Oct 21,22,23, Raleigh, North Carolina

We will be supporting the Postgres project by volunteering at the PostgreSQL Community booth. Stop by and get your questions answered, or just get a sticker and get the latest info on Postgres 11.

Reducing Chaos in Production - Testing vs Monitoring

Large Installation Systems Administration: Oct 29, Nashville, Tennessee

While no one disputes the good in finding and fixing issues before deploying to production, relying on traditional testing methods in the age of data-intensive, internet scale software has proven to be incomplete. The ability to identify and fix production issues quickly is crucial and requires insight into usage patterns and trends across the entire application architecture. This talk touches on deficiencies of common testing methods, provide real-world examples of discovering odd edge cases with both testing and monitoring, and offers recommendations on metric instrumentation to help companies identify and act on business-affecting problems.

As always we love to talk about systems, infrastructure, DevOps, and more, so we hope you will join us at one of the above events and say hi! You can also follow us on Twitter or sign-up for our newsletter for updates. Of course, if you have a project with a pressing deadline or need emergency help, please drop us a note at hello@omniti.com.