OmniTI is Happy to Continue Support of HowGirlsCode

OmniTI is continuing its involvement in local STEM efforts, working with the HowGirlsCode program, to help them understand the workings of modern web applications and to provide guidance on good practices and starting points for getting involved in the computer industry.

This time, Payal Singh, Marissa Murphy and Nicole Daley gave a presentation to third, fourth and fifth grade girls involved with the club at Deep Run Elementary School about opportunities and their future in technology.

Each presenter introduced themselves by explaining to the girls their background - early education, college, choosing a profession, and current role. They demonstrated the importance of DBAs and SAs/SREs by presenting an interactive website with all layers of web development and explaining each of their roles in creating and maintaining a site. They also provided a short power point which described important terms and applications as well as provided the girls with a list of what you can do with knowledge in computer science and technology. The goal was to really open the girls up to the amount of opportunities there are in the field.Everyone had a great time and learned a lot!

The big girls enjoyed a sweet "Thank you" from the little girls after the presentation.