OmniTI Announces New Release of OmniOS

OmniTI, a leading provider of web infrastructures and applications for companies that require scalable, high-performance, mission critical solutions, today announced its newest stable release of OmniOS, the open-source operating system built on illumos. Arriving on the fourth anniversary of its initial release, OmniOS r151018 builds on illumos, the open-source alternative to Oracle Solaris, to provide a complete operating system.

This release is the next in a series of twice-yearly stable updates to OmniOS. Compared with the previously-released Long-Term Support (LTS) version, this release of OmniOS provides more up to date changes from the illumos community, with a shorter support lifetime. OmniTI offers affordable OmniOS support packages at several levels and discounts are available for educational and non-profit institutions.

Key highlights of the release include:

  • The ability for an unassisted administrator to create an alternate Boot Environment with DEBUG bits for advanced diagnosis.
  • SMB2 support for improved Windows file sharing.
  • Several improvements to hardware support including:
    • Intel I219 Gigabit Ethernet
    • Additional HP Gen9 Smart Array controllers
    • VMware Virtual Ethernet for ESXi

“Our stable releases provide updates from across the wider illumos community, while still allowing OmniTI to provide support to customers,” said Dan McDonald, OmniOS Engineering lead.

The newest version of OmniOS is immediately available for download at, and additionally will be made available through third party systems such as AWS and Atlas.

Official release notes are available here.

About OmniOS

OmniOS is an open source operating system built upon the illumos code base, providing a truly secure container system, native ZFS filesystem, the dtrace diagnostic tool set, and software defined networking via Crossbow. With its advanced set of technology, OmniOS allows users to take advantage of next generation technology without that wait.

About OmniTI

For companies experiencing issues associated with growth and scalability of their customer-facing websites, OmniTI is the leading Web Scalability and Performance provider using a cross-disciplinary approach to achieve unparalleled levels of web and database performance, to enable revenue growth, outstanding customer experience, underlying infrastructure reliability and faster time-to-market.