Postgres 9.4 Replication Tutorial by Denish Patel

A Tutorial For Setting Up Postgres Replication

Most people use at least one 3rd party script/tool to manage Postgres replication for building reliable solution for mission critical Postgres databases. Postgres 9.4's new features allow users to setup replication using built in features without compromising reliability and remove reliance on 3rd party tools.

In this tutorial, I will walk you through replication options available in Postgres 9.4, selecting the right solution to achieve your business requirements, and things to consider for monitoring and maintaining your setup in production. This is a hands on tutorial so please bring your laptop with you. I will share VMs in advance that will be used during tutorial to setup replication with Postgres 9.4.

Training VM:

The Postgres Training VM can be downloaded from the one of the links below. The zip file is about 2GB and it unzips to about 6GB, so people should make sure they have enough space free for it. I'll be bringing it along on a USB stick as well in case everyone doesn't have a chance to grab it.

Download VM from any of the following links:

(1) See Training VM Download Link under Links on this page

(2) Google Drive:

After downloading above file, it should be uncompressed. To bring up the VM, you should VirtualBox software installed on the machine. An existing VM can be pulled into VirtualBox by going to the menu "Machine -> Add.." and then browsing to wherever the VM was extracted to.

I highly encourage to download the VM before the training so we can use time to cover Postgres replication topic in detail.

Let me know via , if you see any problem downloading it.