Our business is about people: our staff, our clients, and their audience. Our work is creating extraordinary experiences for all of them.


OmniTI was born on 4th September, 1997. In just over a decade, and with no outside financing, we have grown to over forty employees. Many are leading figures in web development and Internet architectures. In early 2008, after developing the world’s fastest mail transfer agent, we launched Message Systems, which has quickly become a leader in its sector.

We provide a full service, from sustainable architectures that can support hundreds of millions of users, to web application development — winning multiple Webby awards — and user interface design. All of us are dedicated to creating exceptional experiences for our clients and their audience.

We are privileged to be working with some of the most popular and innovative web sites in the world from offices in Fulton, Maryland, and New York City. We’d like to work with you, too! Please get in touch to discover how.

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Latest News

  1. OmniTI announces second 2016 release of OmniOS

    Twice-yearly Stable Version Update Now Available for advanced web operations and software development communities.

  2. The Importance and Power of "Us"

    Lead Engagement Manager, Pat Norton's recently-published article talks about one of the challenges faced by both new and experienced Scrum teams and how to overcome realizing that the ScrumMaster is not "the boss."

  3. OmniTI Announces New Release of OmniOS

    Twice-yearly Stable Version Update Now Available for advanced web operations and software development communities.

  4. OmniTI Newsletter: March 2016

    Sometimes we do cool things and when we do, we like to tell you about it! Here's the first newsletter of 2016.

  5. OmniTI is Happy to Continue Support of HowGirlsCode

    OmniTI is continuing its involvement in local STEM efforts, working with the HowGirlsCode program, to help them understand the workings of modern web applications and to provide guidance on good practices and starting points for getting involved in the computer industry.

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Upcoming Conferences

PGDay Philly

21 Jul '16 - 21 Jul '16, Philadelphia, PA

In co-operation with django-con, a one day single track conference focused on PostgreSQL.

DevOpsDays Boston

24 Aug '16 - 25 Aug '16, Boston, MA

BizOps and You: Defining the place for business folks at the DevOps table to improve overall organizational communication and tech team efficiency, including monitoring strategy, post-mortems, chatops and other DevOps-centric processes.

Surge 2016

21 Sep '16 - 23 Sep '16, National Harbor, MD

The Surge Conference is the place where Web Infrastructure and Scalability experts gather, advance and emerge. Meet and network with industry peers and attendees from all over the tech industry.

DevOpsDays Raleigh

6 Oct '16 - 7 Oct '16, Raleigh, NC

OmniTI is a proud Gold Sponsor at DevOpsDays Raleigh! We hope to see you all there!

Featured Talks

PostgreSQL on Solaris

Take a look under PostgreSQL's hood with Solaris's impressive tools, by Theo Schlossnagle.

Scalable Internet Architectures

Scaling strategies and truths for web applications from the trenches, by Theo Schlossnagle.