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Engineers Have Business Value Too

by Robert Treat

Full Spectrum, DevOps Based Engineering

Strategic Services

Our expert engineers have decades worth of experience building scalable, high-performance systems for all kinds of industries, and can help unlock your IT investment to get more value. E-commerce? CMS? IOT? We can build that.

Web Application Development

Systems are only as good as the applications that run on top of them. Your business isn't generic, why should your tech be? When the generic solutions fall over, we can build and maintain a custom solution to fit your needs.

Remote Database Expertise

Data is at the heart of all companies, and our database experts can help. Whether you need targeted performance consulting, or it's time to move up to a fully managed system.

Out-Sourced, In-House SRE

Struggling with ops overload? Not sure where to start with cloud adoption? Need to maintain security compliance? With our operations-focused services, we can build, manage, monitor and continuously improve your cloud-based or on-prem infrastructure 24/7/365.

We don’t just talk the talk, we walk the walk:

As online architectures evolve, the cycle of design-build-maintain churns. The engineers at OmniTI understand that the next design effort is just as important as the current maintenance effort. Developers too often search for an end in perfection. Engineers search for excellence that endures.

Iʼm proud to be surrounded by such an excellent team of engineers here at OmniTI.

~ Theo Schlossnagle, Founder

Over the last 20 years, OmniTI has modified the code, created the documentation, configured, tested, and run systems across hundreds of projects for clients around the world. We’ve helped our clients drive business value from our innovation, and contributed back to thousands of lines of code to open source communities around the world. We’d love to do the same for you.