Why get support through OmniTI? We have used Postgres as the backbone for some of the most heavily trafficked web applications on the internet. Our knowledge of how the software is built combined with practical experience building and operating Postgres centric architectures, puts you in good hands.

Database Weather Report

The cloud makes it really easy to get started, but at some point you need to make sure you are going in the right direction. That is where the experts at OmniTI can come in. With our OmniTI weather report, we follow our time tested review and assesment process, built from years of tuning Postgres systems, but modified specifically for Amazon's cloud database offerings, to make sure you have clear skies ahead.

Step 1. Database Server Review

Our experts review your existing setup, including server configuration, instance sizing, and any monitoring and metric collection you may have. We also talk to your team to make sure we understand the business goals behind the systems, so that we know the right settings to look for based on what you need to get out of the system. If we find security issues or cost savings, we make sure to make note of that as well.

Step 2. Build Assesment Report

Based on our findings in step one, we put together a specific set of changes we'd like to see in your system. This isn't some automated script based on pre-determined answers that may not apply to you; you get expert database engineers to build a game plan for what we would do if we were in your shoes. Configuration changes, instance size changes, maybe even suggestions to change services. If your RDS instance would be better served on Redshift, we'll tell you.

Step 3. Level Up Your Team

Reports are great for manangement, but if you can't understand the information at the tactical level, what good does it do you? This is why we always make time for walking through our reports with our clients to explain the whats and whys of our recommendation, so that your team can better understand not only the immediate changes, but for things to be on the lookout for in the future.

Remote DBA for Amazon Cloud

Cloud databases can automate a lot of the operational work involved in running a database, but mission-critical systems still require architectural decisions, performance tuning, compliance amangement, and query optimization, not to mention monitoring and alert response. With Amazon RDS and Amazon Aurora, the goal of your database support teams moves away from managing operational tasks and moves closer towards deep value work, including adding functionality, aligning with operations, development, and business teams, and of course tuning and performance work. OmniTI understands these changes and focuses on the following areas to help you get the most from your Amazon investment:

Application and Performance
  • Schema Design and Change Management
  • Data Access Patterns
  • SQL Query Tuning
  • Improving System Observability
  • Configuration Tuning
  • SQL and Application Errors
  • Advanced SQL Capabilities
Database Architecture and Design
  • Services Assesment
  • Instance types
  • Read Scaling
  • Cost Optimization
  • Backup, Restoration, and Continuity Planning
  • 24x7x365 Monitoring
  • Alert Management and Response
  • Deep Value Metric Collection
  • Maintanance and Downtime Scheduling

Full Stack Migration Services

We've helped clients save millions of dollars in licensing fees over the years by switching from expensive proprietary databases to open source based solutions. The suite of Amazon Cloud Databases helps make this transition easier by providing specific architectural and design patterns built on top of a robust operational platform. That said, many migrations do not begin and end with the database. At OmniTI we have two decades worth of experience building, deploying, and managing applications at scale. We understand that moving to a new database can often mean changes to your application code. Whether you need database expertise to help your existing development team, or need outside engineering help to make the transition smooth, our full spectrum services can help you with the rest of your AWS migration along with your move into Amazon RDS.

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OmniTI Supported Platforms

  • Postgres RDS
  • Aurora Postgres
  • Aurora MySQL
  • Redshift
  • Managed EC2

They were extremely flexible and accommodating with their time and setting up meetings. They got the work done REALLY FAST. They always delivered more than expected. I especially appreciated how they wrote up their work and the explanation of why they took different approaches. I can't imagine this going any better. I would definitely enjoy working with OmniTI again.

~ Steve Souders, Speedcurve.

The world of databases is complicated and in order to accelerate both legacy and current web applications you need power and flexibility. Amazon Cloud databases make it easier for us to move up the chain and provide deep value to our clients.

~ Robert Treat, CEO, OmniTI.

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