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Eric Sproul ~ Build Engineer


Eric joined OmniTI in August 2005. He has more than a decade of systems administration experience on Linux, BSD and Solaris.

Before OmniTI, he worked at a telecommunications company, working up from technical support, through network operations to become a full-time internet systems engineer. He provided technical direction and planning for the Internet services division, developing a solid foundation of skills to successfully manage 24x7 operations.

Eric’s attention to detail, ability to adapt to different client environments and passion for building efficient, well-documented systems means that he can provide a high level of satisfaction to clients both large and small.

Personal Note

When not working, I’ll often be found tinkering with computers in my basement. Other hobbies include filling my head with useless trivia gleaned from the Discovery or History channels, playing bass guitar, the occasional video game and, during the colder months, watching hockey.


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